Lund Lutheran Church
Saturday, November 27, 2021
Celebrating over 125 years of faith and love!

Lund's History

Good Shepherd Window


Lund Lutheran Church was organized on June 21, 1884 by Swedish immigrants.  Their first church was in the village of Richwood.  In 1903 land was purchased about four miles south of Richwood and a church was built at that location. 

The beautiful Good Shepherd stained glass window behind the altar at Lund was given by an Episcopalian minister, James A. Gilfillan, from his church in Richwood. Members of Lund carried the window by hand, a distance of four miles, to their new church that they built in 1903. They were afraid the window would break if they hauled it in a wagon over the rough trail to their new church. 
A big event each year was Christmas, which began with a "Jul Otta" service at 4 or 5 a.m.  Sleigh bells could be heard for a long way, and they knew who was coming by the sound of the bells.  A pot-belly stove fired with wood would be red hot as it tried to heat the church.
Each summer a Midsummer Festival was held on June 24th.  Work stopped for the day and everyone came to church for worship, a potluck meal at noon, and an unrehearsed program was presented in the afternoon.  Midsummer was an important Swedish tradition in the lives of the early members of Lund.
By 1951 Lund needed more space for seating and a parking lot.  Another parcel of land was purchased and the church was moved about 200 yards to the south and remodeled.  In 1954 the first church dinner was served to almost 500 people in the newly remodeled church.  These church dinners eventually led to the now famous Lund Meatball Supper which has been held almost every fall for the past 30 years.
In 1978 an addition to the church provided more seating and an office.  The handicap accessible entrance was completed in 1994.